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About Us

2828 Capital Blvd, Raleigh NC


Tues-Fri 10-5 Sat 10-4

While our doors have only been open since Fall 2014, our repair team has almost 70 years of combined experience in woodwind repair. Read about our technicians below:

Bruce bari.jpg

Bruce Melkowits

Saxophone and Bassoon

Bruce's first real experience with music began, like for so many of us, with middle school band. He has been involved with music and musicians in one way or another ever since. Bruce has been repairing woodwind instruments in the Raleigh area since 1990. His most recent musical adventure has been learning to play a few tunes on the accordion. He claims to know very little about flying squirrels.

bass oboe.jpg

Roz Finney

Flute and Oboe

Rosalind Finney moved to North Carolina in 1993 to continue her education, but within two years found a life repairing instruments instead. She sometimes still performs around the Triangle area as an oboist, but mostly focuses on the repair of flutes and oboes. In 2015 she completed David Straubinger's flute pad course, making her one of only a few repair techs in the state certified to repair and replace Straubinger pads.

color us.jpg

Peter Lamb

Clarinet and Saxophone

Peter Lamb is a Raleigh native and is known around the state of North Carolina as the bandleader of Peter Lamb and the Wolves. He found his passion for instrument repair over fifteen years ago and has worked alongside Bruce and Roz ever since. Peter specializes in clarinet and saxophone repair, and has done work for members of the North Carolina Symphony, many university music professors,  and several military bands.

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